About Fukushima Indoor Park

In many areas in Fukushima today, children cannot go outside to play in order to stay safe from the effects of radiation. Playtime is “nourishment for the heart” and is essential for children’s development.
We started the Fukushima Indoor Park as an indoor space for Fukushima children in order to enjoy their playtime to the fullest. A dedicated Park Leader will plan regular updates to playground facilities, as well as conduct daily events in order to ensure that the Indoor Park remains a place where children have fun no matter when they visit.
The park is run by the co-operation between parents and Fukushima residents to create a place where children can laugh and enjoy themselves, and we request for your support as well to this effect.

Fukushima Indoorpark – Koriyama

Fukushima Indoorpark – Koriyama

Koriyama Park is a place where children can not only actively play on inflatable equipments and in ball pits but can also enjoy more peaceful activities such as plastic rails, playing house, building blocks, and puzzles. The Park Leader is a qualified childcare professional and is always at the Park. There is no need to worry even if your child doesn't have friends along. The Park Leaders will make sure that all the children enjoy their time.

Fukushima Indoorpark – Minamisoma   Be closed on February 28, 2014

Fukushima Indoorpark – Minamisoma

Children can run around on the grass and play in the sandpits at the Minamisoma Park. There is a separate space for babies so that smaller children can also play safely. Minami Soma Indoor Park also provides a variety of picture books for children to enjoy, which have been generously given to us by the Minna no Toshokan Library. There is always a bright and fun atmosphere at Minamisoma Park, with a cheerful Park Leader always around to greet you.